About US

Future Life Investments Ltd (FLi) is dedicated to redefining microfinance, offering more than just loans. Founded in Sri Lanka, we focus on creating equal opportunities for all, especially underserved entrepreneurs. Our approach goes beyond traditional finance, mandating savings and investment, ensuring transparent terms, and providing robust support. We empower clients to overcome challenges, fostering resilience and growth even in economic hardships. Committed to accessibility, inclusivity, and fairness, FLi is a beacon of hope, driving community-led economic development. By enabling clients to thrive, we’re not just financing businesses; we’re building stronger, sustainable communities for a prosperous future.


Established in 2016 in Gampaha, Sri Lanka, Future Life Investments Ltd (FLi) began with a singular mission: to transform microfinance and foster economic empowerment. Starting from a modest single-location operation, we’ve rapidly expanded and now we proudly serve 80,000 clients nationwide. FLi’s journey is marked by innovation, commitment to social responsibility, and a relentless focus on community development. We’ve grown by understanding and adapting to our clients’ evolving needs, blending financial services with educational and developmental programs. Our history isn’t just about growth; it’s a testament to our dedication to making a meaningful, lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Future-Minded Individuals

The future holds immense potential for those who are relentlessly in search of progress throughout their life journey. Exploring new avenues, possibilities, and opportunities can lead to unbelievably amazing and astounding achievements, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Future-minded individuals, those who think ahead and plan for what’s to come, can significantly enrich their own lives and the lives of their loved ones by making timely and wise decisions.

Future Life Investments Ltd, or FLi, caters precisely to such future-minded individuals. Driven by aspirations and forward-thinking plans, FLi is a beacon for those navigating the path to a brighter future.

Our Purpose

Our core purpose is “To enrich lives through respectful and mutually beneficial relationships.” We operate beyond the realm of standard microfinance.

Our Approach

 Our unique approach transcends traditional financial services by mandating savings and investments, ensuring clarity in terms and providing comprehensive support. We empower our clients to navigate challenges, fostering resilience and growth even under tough economic conditions. Our dedication to accessibility, inclusivity, and fairness makes FLi a symbol of hope and a driver of community-led economic development. By aiding our clients in flourishing, we don’t just finance businesses; we build stronger, self-sustaining communities for a brighter future.

Our Values

Our noble endeavor is to stay true to the values and ideas which we believe in as an organization by never compromising our sense of integrity.


The victory that you savor is our greatest achievement. Therefore our tireless efforts are invested in inking your success story.

Our dedicated efforts are invested towards offering the mentorship, guidance and financial assistance which you require to grow in stature and unearth your real potential.


Being an organization which is sensitivity to your thoughts, dreams and aspirations, we understand your needs as we invest ours tireless efforts to fuel your growth.

We consider transparency to be a key ingredient in our recipe for success as it enables us to build trust and forge a stronger bond with you.

Board Of Directors