Business Progression Capital Loan

Accelerating business success with advanced loans for proven micro-entrepreneurs, enhancing growth potential after a track record of progress and trust.

The Business Progression Capital Loan is an exclusive financial offering tailored for seasoned micro-entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka, recognizing and rewarding their diligence and progress. Designed as a growth catalyst, this loan becomes accessible after the successful completion of four prior loan cycles, serving as a testament to the entrepreneur’s reliability and business acumen. It’s an acknowledgment of their hard work, with the loan amount and terms being reflective of the individual’s business trajectory and demonstrated potential for expansion. This initiative is more than just a financial instrument; it’s a vote of confidence in the entrepreneurs who have consistently shown progress, allowing them to leverage larger resources to scale up operations, diversify offerings, and reinforce their market presence.

Key Features

• Progress-based loan eligibility, rewarding business growth.

• Increased loan amounts with favorable terms.

• Streamlined application for returning customers with a positive loan history.


• Acknowledges and supports business maturity and success.

• Facilitates expansion and diversification of established businesses.

• Strengthens financial stability with progressively larger financing.

Eligibility Criteria

• Existing micro-entrepreneurs with at least four completed loan cycles.

• Demonstrable growth and positive performance in current business.

• Good standing with the microfinance institution, with a clear loan repayment history.