Our solutions

Our solutions are designed to meet diverse needs and foster sustainable development. From empowering microfinance options to community enrichment initiatives, our solutions reflect our commitment to creating impactful solutions for individuals, businesses, and communities of Srilanka.

Women's Empowerment Micro Loan

Empowering Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs with accessible micro loans for business initiation and expansion, fostering financial inclusion and community upliftment.

Personal Entrepreneurial Loan

Tailored individual loans for ambitious entrepreneurs, offering a streamlined, guarantor-backed path to financial empowerment and business growth in Sri Lanka.

Business Progression Capital Loan

Accelerating business success with advanced loans for proven
micro-entrepreneurs, enhancing growth potential after a track record of progress and trust.

Dirisavi Festive Support Vouchers

Dirisavi Loans offer interest-free vouchers for fulfilling children’s seasonal needs, empowering families to celebrate with joy and ease, repayable in four months.

Nana Diri Education Support Vouchers

Nana Diri Loans provide interest-free vouchers for children's educational essentials, aiding families with a four-month, manageable repayment term.

Festive Season Advance Credit

Advance Loans offer timely financial support during festive seasons, with a beneficial four-month repayment period, plus interest, for existing micro customers.

Vehicle-Backed Micro Lease

Micro Leasing facilitates asset-backed vehicle loans, offering both existing and new customers a secure means to leverage mobility for economic growth.

Registered Vehicle Loans

Registered Vehicle Loans provide secure financing for both existing and new customers, using the vehicle's original CR as collateral during repayment.

Home Appliances Loan

Home Appliances Loan enables existing micro customers to acquire essential electrical items with minimal down payment, repayable in four months.