Dirisavi Festive Support Vouchers

Dirisavi Loans offer interest-free vouchers for fulfilling children’s seasonal needs, empowering families to celebrate with joy and ease, repayable in four months.

Dirisavi Loans represent a compassionate approach to financial support, extending beyond entrepreneurial growth to the well-being of our customers’ families. Understanding the cultural and emotional significance of festive seasons, these loans are provided in the form of vouchers that can be used to purchase clothes and other essentials for children during these special times. This interest-free facility is exclusively available to existing microfinance customers, acknowledging their commitment and loyalty. The repayment structure is designed to be burden-free, allowing for the cost to be spread over four months, thus ensuring that the festivities are not marred by financial stress. It’s a celebration of community and familial bonds, enabling parents to provide for their children’s festive needs with dignity and happiness.

Key Features

• Interest-free vouchers for festive children’s clothing.

• Available exclusively to existing microfinance customers.

• Simple and compassionate repayment terms over four months.


• Supports family traditions and festive celebrations without financial strain.

• Encourages responsible borrowing with a manageable repayment plan.

• Strengthens community ties and customer loyalty to the microfinance institution.

Eligibility Criteria

• Must be an existing customer of the microfinance institution.

• Proven track record of repayment and good standing with the institution.

• Commitment to repay the voucher value within a four-month period.