Festive Season Advance Credit

Advance Loans offer timely financial support during festive seasons, with a beneficial four-month repayment period, plus interest, for existing micro customers.

The Festive Season Advance Credit is designed to enrich the festive experiences of our valued microfinance clients. As celebrations approach, this loan provides immediate financial assistance to cover the increased expenses that accompany festive periods. Acknowledging the importance of these times, the loan is structured with a swift disbursement process to ensure that our customers can make the necessary preparations without delay. While this loan does carry interest, it is calculated to be fair and manageable, with a repayment span of four months to accommodate the seasonal cash flow patterns of our clients. This financial product is a testament to our support for the cultural and personal significance of festive times, aligning with our commitment to enhance the lives of our customers through flexible financial solutions.

Key Features

• Seasonal loan specifically for festive periods.

• Quick disbursement to facilitate timely preparations.

• Interest rates that are considerate of clients’ financial realities.


• Empowers customers to fully partake in festive traditions.

• Financial flexibility during high-expense seasons.

• Supports continuous customer loyalty with seasonal financial products.

Eligibility Criteria

• Current customers with a good standing in the microfinance program.

• Demonstrated ability to manage previous loans responsibly.

• Willingness to adhere to the four-month repayment schedule, including interest.