Home Appliances Loan

Home Appliances Loan enables existing micro customers to acquire essential electrical items with minimal down payment, repayable in four months.

Home Appliances Loan facility is a thoughtful initiative aimed at improving the quality of life for existing microfinance customers by providing them with an affordable means to acquire essential home appliances. Recognizing the importance of these items in modern households, the program allows customers to purchase electrical goods with a nominal down payment, thereby reducing the immediate financial burden. The remainder of the cost can be conveniently settled over a four-month period, offering a practical and budget-friendly solution. This program not only facilitates access to necessary appliances but also underscores a commitment to enhancing the domestic well-being of customers, acknowledging their loyalty and trust in the institution.

Key Features

• Access to essential home appliances with a minimal initial payment.

• Four-month repayment plan for the remaining balance.

• Exclusively designed for existing microfinance customers.


• Makes essential electrical items more accessible and affordable.

• Eases the financial strain of upfront costs.

• Enhances the standard of living for loyal microfinance customers.

Eligibility Criteria

• Must be a current client of the microfinance institution.

• Good standing with previous loan commitments and repayments.

• Willingness to adhere to the agreed-upon repayment schedule for the appliance purchase.