Nana Diri Education Support Vouchers

Nana Diri Loans provide interest-free vouchers for children’s educational essentials, aiding families with a four-month, manageable repayment term.

Nana Diri Loans underscore a commitment to nurturing the educational development of children within the microfinance community. Recognizing the critical role of education in fostering future growth, this facility offers existing customers vouchers to purchase academic necessities such as books, uniforms, and shoes. The interest-free nature of these vouchers underscores a dedication to accessible education, while the four-month repayment period is structured to align with the financial cycles of our customers, ensuring ease and flexibility. By investing in the educational needs of their children, Nana Diri Loans not only support academic readiness but also affirm the institution’s role in community development and the empowerment of the next generation.

Key Features

• Vouchers cater to educational needs, free of interest.

• Designed for the financial ease of microfinance customers.

• Four-month repayment term for budget-friendly support.


• Removes financial barriers to children’s education.

• Encourages academic progress with essential supplies.

• Strengthens the institution’s community-centric vision.

Eligibility Criteria

• Open to current clients of the microfinance institution.

• Solid record of past loan repayments and financial conduct.

• Agreement to adhere to the voucher repayment schedule within the set timeframe.