Personal Entrepreneurial Loan

Tailored individual loans for ambitious entrepreneurs, offering a streamlined, guarantor-backed path to financial empowerment and business growth in Sri Lanka.

Personal Entrepreneurial Finance offers a personalized financial solution for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs who prefer an individual approach to business financing. This program caters to those who wish to maintain financial independence without the communal obligations of group lending. Applicants can access funds by presenting two credible guarantors, easing the process of obtaining credit. Aimed at simplifying the journey towards business success, this loan paves the way for personal ventures with a straightforward application procedure. This initiative is not only a testament to trust and confidence in individual capabilities but also reinforces the belief in personal accountability and the spirit of entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka.

Key Features

• Individual lending for personal business ventures.

• Requires two personal guarantors instead of group backing.

• Customized loan amounts to suit various business scales.


• Direct access to capital for solo entrepreneurs.

• Greater control over financial dealings without group constraints.

• Encourages self-reliance and individual economic growth.

Eligibility Criteria

• Solo entrepreneurs with a business plan.

• Provision of two guarantors to back the loan.

• Adherence to the standard loan application process, with no need for group affiliation.