Vehicle-Backed Micro Lease

Micro Leasing facilitates asset-backed vehicle loans, offering both existing and new customers a secure means to leverage mobility for economic growth.

The Vehicle-Backed Micro Lease program is an innovative lending solution that serves as a bridge to financial accessibility for individuals in need of vehicular assets for personal or business use. This loan is available to both existing customers and newcomers, using the vehicle itself as collateral. By mortgaging their vehicle, borrowers can secure the necessary funds with the confidence that their asset is safeguarded during the repayment period. This program is particularly advantageous for those looking to utilize a vehicle to generate income or enhance their operational capabilities. The terms of the lease are crafted to be transparent and borrower-friendly, ensuring that the path to ownership is clear and attainable.

Key Features

• Vehicle acts as security, simplifying the borrowing process.

• Open to all qualifying individuals, regardless of prior customer status.

• Structured repayment plan aligned with borrower’s financial capacity.


• Access to vehicles for driving business ventures or personal mobility.

• Enhances creditworthiness with asset-backed lending.

• Enables borrowers to make use of their vehicles while repaying the loan.

Eligibility Criteria

• Ownership of a vehicle to be used as mortgage/security.

• Ability to meet the financial obligations of the lease terms.

• For non-existing customers, provision of necessary documentation to establish trustworthiness.