Women’s Empowerment Micro Loan

Empowering Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs with accessible micro loans for business initiation and expansion, fostering financial inclusion and community upliftment.

The Women’s Empowerment Micro Loan program is dedicated to fostering economic growth and autonomy among Sri Lankan women. It specifically targets groups of females eager to establish or grow their businesses but are hindered by limited access to traditional banking services. The program invites the formation of ‘Centers’, which are solidarity groups consisting of 9 to 30 female members. These Centers act as communal guarantors and support systems, enabling members to borrow collectively and support one another’s entrepreneurial endeavors. Through this initiative, members can not only receive financial support but also benefit from shared knowledge, networking opportunities, and enhanced visibility within their communities.

Key Features

• Group-based lending for mutual support and accountability.

• Loan amounts tailored to small-scale business needs.

• Simplified application process with minimal documentation.


• Enhances access to credit for women without conventional collateral.

• Encourages community-driven development and women’s economic participation.

• Provides a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among female entrepreneurs.

Eligibility Criteria

• Female applicants forming a Center with 9 to 30 members.

• Commitment to start or expand a small business.

• No requirement for formal financial history or collateral.